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I like eye therapy Dr. Angel.  I think I play soccer better than last year.  I don't fall as much.  I know my right and left sides.  You helped me write my letters correct.  I am getting smarter each day.  Thank you so much.

Love Nicholas

I had the good fortune of having Dr. Mary McMains of the Insight Vision Center speak to a class of mine.  During the talk she had all of us fill out a questionnaire.  As I started answering the questions I started thinking of my son Timmy.  Yes, he frequently ran into things, he didn't like to play sports, he had difficulty catching balls, he reversed some of his letters, his writing was poorly spaced (it was atrocious actually).  He frequently would trip over nothing and fall to the ground.  He stepped all over my feet and was always bumping into things.  At school, he was often off "in his own little world", had difficulty following directions, completing homework, working independently.  The one thing he did well and loved doing was reading.

It has been an amazing transformation.  Timmy can hit and throw a ball.  He enjoys sports so much more and wants to try basketball this year.  He's able to complete his homework with very little help or prompting.  He's doing amazing in school.  His writing has improved and he's able to do cursive, something we never thought he'd learn.  His behavior has improved, he's attentive and requires less help and attention.  He is much less clumsy and realizes when he steps on my toes which he does less often.  Timmy is a different child, which we attribute to vision therapy.  Dr. Angel Lopresti is amazing!

Timmy is a much more confident child and socially more outgoing.  The biggest differences I've noticed in Timmy is his ability to hit and catch a ball.  he doesn't seem to trip over his own two feet, which was a daily occurrence before.  Timmy has taken up Jujitsu and has shown dramatic improvement in this and other sports.  Prior to vision therapy, Timmy loved to read but only seemed to focus for 20 - 30 minutes.  Timmy will now get lost in a book, sometimes for hours.

Before vision therapy, homework would take me a really long time.  I would become tired faster and would experience headaches.  Now I actually enjoy reading and do it often.  I no longer experience headaches and can complete my homework much faster.

Hi, my name is Destiny Brunetta.  I think vision therapy is really going to help me in the future.  It has also been helping me now.  It helps me in school, sports and reading.  I hope everybody who has problems with their eyes gets to do vision therapy.  Thank you Dr. Angel Lopresti and Sabrina.