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Angel Eyes Optometry

3665 Ruffin Road, Suite 202
San Diego, CA, 92123

Telephone: 619-229-9767

Welcome to Angel Eyes Optometry!  We are committed to meeting ALL of your vision needs and providing our patients with the most cutting edge vision and health care.  We are a very specialized optometric practice, offering comprehensive, developmental vision evaluations that look far beyond the standard “20/20 eyesight” examinations. 

We take great pride in providing very thorough examinations that evaluate how well your vision functions for everyday life, including school, work or play.  Eye movements, focusing, eye teaming, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, visual memory and form perception are just some of the many visual skills that are evaluated. 

We listen carefully to your visual concerns and provide a variety of treatment options to address ALL of your individual needs.    

Angel Eyes Optometry offers a wide variety of optometric services for all ages; from complimentary infant examinations to specialized care for our seniors, we continually strive to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Angel Eyes Optometry currently offers the following optometric services:

    • Developmental Vision Exams for ALL ages
    • Comprehensive Vision and Ocular Health Evaluations
    • Contact Lens Care & Evaluations
    • FREE Infant Examinations
    • Low Vision Aids and Vision Rehabilitation
    • Visual Information Processing Testing
    • Vision Therapy for:

Amblyopia (lazy eye)              Learning Related Vision Disorders

Strabismus (eye turn)             Computer Vision Syndrome

Visual Tracking                       Eye Teaming

Special Needs Populations     Convergence Insufficiency

Acquired Brain Injuries           Vision Development

Sports Vision Enhancement    Visual Perception

Motion Sickness                      Visual Information Processing

We are also extremely fortunate to have the wonderful support of a very generous non-profit organization, the Insight Vision Center (IVC).  The IVC provides our patients, who exhibit significant financial hardship, with scholarship funding for examinations, glasses and vision therapy.

If you have any questions about our exciting practice, please do not hesitate to contact our office at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to serving ALL of YOUR vision needs in the near future.